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Salmon Nigiri Sushi Stud Earrings

Salmon Nigiri Sushi Stud Earrings


These tiny Salmon Nigiri Sushi are perfect for any sushi lover who wear stud earrings. Every sushi is a tiny and cute 1 cm (3/8 inches) tall and 0.3 cm (1/8 inches) thick. They are super durable and completely water-proof. Therefore, they can be worn during any occasion and in any weather!

Each sushi is made out of MDF (medium-density fiberwood) which is a manufactured wood product known for its great structural integrity and high ecological compatibility. MDF is made to be extremely durable and can with-stand much higher humidity levels and has greater flexibility when compared to normal wood. Each wood piece is laser cut and engraved and then finished with 4 coats of eco-friendly water-resistant overcoat specially made for wood products. They then have non-allergenic surgical steel studs securely glued onto the backs.

Care instructions: Our wood products are all fully water-resistant but we recommend taking them off during extended periods of heavy water exposure (baths, showers, or water sports) as it will limit the life of your product.



Each earring is packaged in its own strong round plastic case and includes basic care instructions.

All earrings are usually shipped out within 1-2 days. You can select various levels of postal shipping speed during check-out with the fastest (in the US) being 2 days.

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