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Selphie & Co. On Webtoons!

Our three favorite dogs are officially released and now on webtoons!

Selphie the white Shiba Inu and her two best friends, Dabs the Corgi and P.L. the Pug, invite you to follow alongside them on their journey experience the fun and sometime difficult adventures of their daily lives.

We upload every other Wednesday starting May 22nd.

Read and Follow here: English Version Click Here!

中文版: Chinese Version Click Here!


Selphie & Co: Animated Chat Stickers

We now have chat stickers available for Android, IOS, and the Line app. You can search for “Selphie & Co” on any of them to find and download them.



About Selphie & Co



  • Dapper: loves to dress nice and has a large collection of bowties

  • Dork: confused by modern slangs, misunderstands sarcasm, and loves reading and learning

  • Shy and has a shorty complex

  • Enjoys being helpful to others

  • Has a few close friends

  • Coffee Addict. Must have at least one a day or acts like a zombie



  • Friendly & makes friends easily

  • Adventurous: likes trying new things

  • Artsy: enjoys photography likes cute and colorful art

  • Fashion: likes wearing pretty clothes and accessories

  • Can not cook! Burns everything.

  • Overachiever & Very Competitive: Does not like loosing and gets very angry she does.

  • Likes being the best even if it is her first time trying it



  • Chill and not bothered by anything

  • Like indulging in food, sleep, and the finner things in life.

  • Hard worker: to pay for his indulging, he has a lot of odd jobs. But all of them relating to food.

    • IE: ice cream man, pizza delivery, server, bartender, side street food seller

  • Bold and tells it how it is

  • Loves food. Loves his bone.

  • Likes building and cooking