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….Tien Tien..田田製作所 ….

….Tien Tien is a Taiwan based company who provides wooden laser-cut keychains, earrings, and necklaces. They are made up of dream-team couple who hand-makes and designs all our amazing wood work. They use high-quality wood, digitally guided laser technology, and detailed hand-painting to bring their design alive in their high-tech home studio. ..『田田製作所』整合了數位科技,機械加工以及擅長的傳統手工藝技法,將生活中觀察到的事物轉化為設計靈感,運用田田擅長的素材,例:皮革.木料.壓克力…等,手工創造出獨一無二的作品。….



Sharing Seams

Laura is the owner and maker at Sharing Seams and has been a long time college friend of Emily, the owner of Emii Creations. We partner with her to bring you amazing handmade, one of a kind product with cute Emii Creations designs custom printed on each fabric.