New Products

New T-shirts:
You Suck Boba & Doge

There are two lovely new t-shirt patterns being added to our already awesome collection of shirt designs. The first will be of Boba with the text "You Suck" while the other one will feature out popular Doge Shiba character (frequently seen as our icon image and on our new foldable bags). Our t-shirts have been selling well and are here to stay. There will be many more future t-shirt exclusive designs popping up!

Eeveelution Redrawn

The old eeveelution artwork (with each eeveelution on matching pokeballs) will be discontinued and placed in the vault. They will be replaced with some new eeveelution artwork.
The reason for this change is because Emii Creations is constantly changing and constantly trying to improve. Revisiting and re-envisioning old works is, in our opinion, part of that growth. It also allows those we have followed up for a very long time to be able to have something new to collect.

Chibi Shibas

The next set of our Chibi Pet collection will be chibi Shiba Inus! There will be 2-4 types of Shiba color available and, as tradition, there will be a cute pattern to go along with it. With this pattern we will be creating some new and exciting product like bags, etc.


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