Tiny Nigiri Sushi Plush Keychain (Wholesale)

Tiny Nigiri Sushi Plush Keychain (Wholesale)

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Minimum Order: 5 Pieces

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5 = $6.00 each
10 = $5.50 each
15+ = $5.00 each

Standard Turnaround: 10 days

RRP: $10

SKU: plu-fdsu-nigr

These tiny Nigiri Sushi have their cute happy faces machine embroidered. The top fish/egg pieces and rice are made of super soft and durable material, minky. The seaweed piece wrapped around each sushi is made of fleece and hand-sewn around the sushi. They work perfectly as cute keychains or display plushies!

Each sushi is 2 inches long, 1.25 inches wide, and 1 inch tall. Its parts are both machine-sewed and hand-sewn together. Because of the hand-sewn components, rough play is not advised; however, it does not show problems with getting tossed around a bit. If you get the key-chain attached, it is machine sewn to the minky so it stays on very well.

CHOICES: Tuna (red), Salmon (orange), Tamago (yellow), Hamachi (pink)

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