About Emii Creations

Emii Creations strives to develop cute and clever art that brings a moment of happiness and laughter into our otherwise stressful lives. We hope that our designs allows people to remember what they enjoy and love about life and want to share that joy with others. 

Our founder Emily Chiang is an illustrator based in Orange County. She has worked in the VFX and gaming industry for several years before pursuing the amazing dream of sharing her own art with the world. Her long hours and opportunities working alongside passionate, hard-working people made her understand the need for an outlet from the stressful work hours now common in society. 

What makes us happy: The amazing love we receive from our pets, the wonderful food we share with loved ones, and the fun we have sharing a good joke with friends. These are all things that keep us smiling. Emily wanted to pursue a company that is focused on designing these little memories onto products you can share with friends, keep with you, or even take into the workplace. You never know when you or someone you know needs a moment of smiles or laughter.

Enjoy Life and Laugh Often.

Emily aka Emii


Work With Us

We are currently looking for amazing people to work with our small company. See our available positions:

Seasonal Art Retail Sales Associate
Emiii Creations sells art and art products as an Artist in Artist Alley or Exhibitor Floors at shows like the 626 Night Market, Anime Expo, Akon, Sakuracon etc. Shows and jobs are seasonal and usually Thursday-Sunday. A flexible weekend schedule is desired as well as a knowledge of recent popular anime, cartoon, and games. You will learn what it takes to sell art to a wide audience. You may be asked to travel outside the state for events. Your ticket, food, and travel arrangements will be paid for for any show you attend in additional to our hourly wage. Additional help prepping for shows may also be asked of you which may included loading, unloading, setup, sign-ups, etc. A knowledge as an attendee as some or most of these shows is encouraged.


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