About Emii Creations

Emii Creations specializes in bringing cute geek-friendly designs from the amazing handmade community to you.

We strive to develop art that resonate with that special link between you and those wonderful things that ignite your inner joy. Whether your joy comes from from the shows you watch, the games you played, the things you experience in life, or just all cute things in the world, we want to help you keep in touch with those fond memories.

We believe with the combination of digital technology and traditional handcrafted techniques, we can transform those memories into something special just for you or your loved one. With materials ranging from hand-sewn minky and digital art, to acrylic and wood, we strive to use every skill in our toolbox to bring those things to life.

Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy our products!


Work With Us

We are currently looking for amazing people to work with our small company. See our available positions:

Seasonal Art Retail Sales Associate
Emiii Creations sells art and art products as an Artist in Artist Alley or Exhibitor Floors at shows like the 626 Night Market, Anime Expo, Akon, Sakuracon etc. Shows and jobs are seasonal and usually Thursday-Sunday. A flexible weekend schedule is desired as well as a knowledge of recent popular anime, cartoon, and games. You will learn what it takes to sell art to a wide audience. You may be asked to travel outside the state for events. Your ticket, food, and travel arrangements will be paid for for any show you attend in additional to our hourly wage. Additional help prepping for shows may also be asked of you which may included loading, unloading, setup, sign-ups, etc. A knowledge as an attendee as some or most of these shows is encouraged.


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