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….Emii Creations strives to develop cute and clever art that brings a moment of happiness and laughter into our otherwise stressful lives. We hope that our designs allows people to remember what they enjoy and love about life and want to share that joy with others. ..Emii Creations致力於開發可愛又有趣的藝術,為人們緊張的生活中帶來一絲快樂和歡笑!….

….Our founder Emily Chiang is an illustrator based in Orange County. She has worked in the VFX and gaming industry for several years before pursuing the amazing dream of sharing her own art with the world. Her long hours and opportunities working alongside passionate, hard-working people made her understand the need for an outlet from the stressful work hours now common in society. ..Emily Chiang是在台灣出生,美國加州爾灣長大的插畫師。在投入與世界分享自己藝術的夢想之前,曾在Visual FX, Luma Picture和Riot遊戲公司工作。在漫長的時間中和那些對創作有熱情又勤奮的人一起工作,使她明白其實人們需要從社會普遍的工作壓力中,有一點放鬆的出口。….

….What makes us happy: The amazing love we receive from our pets, the wonderful food we share with loved ones, and the fun we have sharing a good joke with friends. These are all things that keep us smiling. Emily wanted to pursue a company that is focused on designing these little memories onto products you can share with friends, keep with you, or even take into the workplace. You never know when you or someone you know needs a moment of smiles or laughter. ..是什麼讓我們開心:我們從寵物那裡得到奇妙的愛,我們與親友一同分享的美好食物,以及我們與朋友分享一個好笑話的樂趣…這些都是讓我們開心的事。 Emily所創立的Emii Creations公司,專門將這些生活中令人開心的小記憶設計給大家,並且可以和朋友們一同分享、在你身邊,甚至可以陪你一同上班、工作! 你永遠不知道你或你認識的人何時需要那一份隨時的微笑或喜悅。….

….Enjoy Life and Laugh Often. ..願你經常享受生活及歡笑~….

…. Emily aka Emii

.. Emily 亦稱 Emii….